Ayurvedic Liver Tonic | Liver Tonic Syrup Uses

Ayurvedic Liver Tonic | Liver Syrup Uses

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Ayurvedic Liver Tonic | Liver Syrup Uses

Now days there are many ayurvedic liver tonics  that are promoted by many different companies. The reason is, our liver is considered as one of the most important organ in our body. When the liver is diseased, our eyesight fails. It is not visible, but is affecting us. The major job our liver performs in the functioning of our body is filtering and cleansing of the blood. For the best functioning of the liver.

One asked….Is our life worth living…..??
A doctor said, that it just depends upon the liver….

It however proves that it has never been more important for all of us to look after this hard-working organ. If your liver becomes overloaded and is not functioning at an optimal level, you are more likely to develop a wide range of health problems. Ayurvedic liver tonic is recommended by most of the doctors for detoxifying the liver and for a controlled balanced diet.

Some of the best liver tonic in Ayurveda that helps to cure all liver related problems are :

  1. SMILIV LIVER SYRUP-Best Ayurvedic Tonic for LiverSmiliv Liver tonic syrup
  2. HOLIVER DS SYRUP – Best Ayurvedic Liver Tonic


    holiver ds liver tonic syrup

  3. HOLIVER LIVER SYRUP –  Best Ayurvedic Liver Tonicholiver liver tonic syrup

liver tonic uses

5. LIVTRONIC DS – The Best Liver Tonic in India 

livtronic liver tonic ayurvedic

All of these products are Very Good Result producing which you can try once and can recommend to others after experiencing its mind blowing results. These products are available at Amazon and Flipkart shopping portals. Search and find our product range over there and try for yourself and your family.

It  aids in improving the metabolism of the body and works as a mild laxative which helps in controlling the major liver diseases . It is available as a sugar free variant with ayurveda components such as Bhringraj, Punarnava, Makoya, Bhui amla, Kalmegh, Arjun which promotes it as an effective ayurvedic liver tonic.

This proprietary ayurvedic liver tonic is also available with double strength ayurveda components which is more useful for alcoholic liver diseases, for liver damages due to radiation therapy & chemotherapy, liver disorders including fatty acid associated with protein energy malnutrition and jaundice like health issues.


There are many diseases which can occur due to the carelessness of the smaller health problems which occurs with the improper food, excessive alcohol consumption and many more. Following are the different types of Liver diseases that people suffer from because of their carelessness :

  1. Hepatitis : Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. When liver is inflamed or damaged, its functions gets affected. So with the consumption of ayurvedic liver tonic, the liver gets its nutrients.
  2. Liver Cancer : Excessive Nausea and vomiting are the foremost symptoms of liver cancer that requires severe attention where medicinal liver tonic syrups can be very beneficial.
  3. Gallstones : . Gallstones are the hardened deposits of bile, a digestive fluid produced by liver and stored in gallbladder.
  4. Hemochromatosis : Hemochromatosisis a condition in which the excessive iron is stored in our body. It is caused byone of the faulty gene that can be passed on to a child by their parents. It can slow or damage the organs of our body. Ayurvedic liver tonic can be one of the best remedy in that condition.

Liver Syrup Uses:

Liver is the vital organ of our body that is not only designed to clean your blood, it is the most important energy factor of our body.

So, isn’t it important to know why ayurvedic liver tonic is important for our health??

Yes, of course it is….

Let us know about some of the important liver syrup uses :

  1. For Liver Detoxification : Ayurveda liver tonic is very beneficial for liver disorders and detoxification. It is same as the medicinal removal of the toxic substances from our body.
  2. Improves Liver Functions & Digestion : Digestion is the breakdown off the large insoluble food molecules into smaller water soluble molecules where ayurveda liver syrup is an important component.
  3. Helps in Liver Problems : Liver tonic is the excellent remedy for the liver problems like fatty liver problem, jaundice, etc
  4. Regulates a Healthy Cholesterol Range : It regulates the cholesterol in our body which is a waxy substance that is found in our blood and increases the risk of heart diseases.
  5. Useful against Abdominal pain & Swelling : Ayurveda liver syrup is very useful in abdominal pain & swelling in the nerves causing heavy pain.
  6. Works like an Ant-Acid : . It improves the activity of enzymes for better appetite and is beneficial for anyone having liver problems, poor digestion and low appetite.

Smiliv liver syrup is the perfect blend of ayurveda ingredients with  properties that fight against chemically-induced toxic liver disease called hepatotoxicity. Ayurveda liver tonic is an effective tonic for men, women as well as children.

Usually the medicinal experts advice the dosage of the ayurveda liver syrup for 60-90 days.

For Children: ½-1 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily

For Adults: 1 ½ – 2 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily

Liver problems are more common with the Diabetic Patients which serves our liver syrup as a cherry on the cake as Smiliv Liver Syrup, Advaliv Liver Syrup and Holiver Liver Syrup has no added sugars in it, which makes it a perfect fit for Diabetic Patients.

Thus, it is recommended as a co-therapy for those individuals who are heavy alcohol drinkers, have high cholesterol, constipation, usually feels fatigue or any other liver related problems.

Moreover, ayurveda liver tonic can be consumed by everyone as a general liver health supplement for the smooth functioning of the liver as it has no side effects because of its ayurveda contents.


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