Ayurvedic PCD Franchise

Ayurvedic PCD Franchise: Scope and its Benefits

Ayurvedic PCD Franchise: Scope and its Benefits

Ayurvedic PCD Franchise is a very much better and unique way of starting a fortunate business in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. One of the main reason why india is a popular country because it has the largest manufacturer, exporter, & user of Ayurvedic Products.

The use of these Ayurvedic medicines has been increasing from ages and the demand for these products is still at peak. It is mainly because of the fruitfulness of Ayurvedic Products. To know about the best pharma company, keep reading this post.

We Solace Biotech Limited is here as the demand for pharmaceutical products is increasing at a double rate. It’s a pharmaceutical company that claims to offer 100% pure and effective formulations along with the great budgeted business deal. So you can connect with us to benefit from Ayurvedic PCD Opportunities in India.

Ayurvedic PCD Pharma Franchise– To Bring holistic approach of ayurvedic science into Current modern-day formulations, Solace Biotech Limited is a very much admirable ayurvedic company in India. Our range covers the various requirements of patients that help you prevent, heal and protect against diseases.

Our products contain ingredients that are extracted from organic fields just like the purity of nature. The standards that are made globally like GMP, WHO and especially the Ministry of AYUSH are followed strictly. It is our aim to provide the highest associates experience when dealing with herbal and ayurvedic medicines.

Our ayurvedic product ranges cover the ayurvedic products list of herbal oil, tonics, herbal drops, ayurvedic supplements, etc. We Solace Biotech Limited offering Ayurvedic PCD Franchise business opportunity at Pan India level, in-order to increase the reach of our herbal products. There are a number of pharma distributors associated with us for the Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise and our happy customer support.

Our vision is to create a pure and efficient ayurvedic drug solution. Solace Biotech Limited leading in high demand herbal products that have a good market presence. We have been projecting by sticking to great business strategies and formulas, affordable cost and have been valued for quality products.

Ayurvedic PCD franchise and ayurvedic manufacturing services have been a vital part of our services dedicatedly serving hundreds of people and thousands of consumers at PAN India level.

We invites dedicated, punctual, honest and hard-working people who look for Ayurvedic Products Franchise. We’re providing monopoly-based business opportunities at affordable and reliable investment plans. So if you are looking for the best company for Ayurvedic medicine franchise in India then Join the hand with us.

Our Products Range for Ayurvedic PCD Franchise:

100% pure herbal and ayurvedic medicines are available here at Solace Biotech Limited. We are a leading name known to provide our customers with effective, safe, natural and durable products.

We are approved by DCGI followed by FSSAI, we have ensured you with quality and strongly under international norms and standards. We provide a wide range of Herbal products for Ayurvedic PCD Pharma Franchise. Our entire product range has been made with traditional medicine procedures developed to modern-day use.

Our team of Quality assurance work dedicatedly to provide our franchise associates  medicine in accordance with Good Clinical Practice Guidelines published by the Ministry of AYUSH. Good manufacturing practices are established under Schedule ‘T’ of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules. We bring you authentic, microorganism-free and authenticated quality products that you can trust.

Our ayurvedic pharma products list contains:

  • Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals Capsules Range
  • Herbal Tonics
  • Ayurvedic Liver Tonic
  • Ayurvedic Sexual Wellness Products
  • Herbal Laxative Powder
  • Natural Juices
  • Ayurvedic Oil, etc


●    Low-Risk Factor and Low Investment Required

More investment, more risk- this formula may be fit for all startup businesses but the pharma franchise is unique. This business does not need more expenditure; initially you can start a business initially in between Rs. 15000 to 30,000 and get a great return on investment.

●    Monopoly Rights Advantage

When one is invested in the Ayurvedic PCD franchise, then they get the monopoly rights too. The benefit of monopoly rights is you are allowed to pick the specific place where you can run the business. Also, you can pick out some specific areas for the distribution of Pharmaceutical products and medicines.

●    Higher Opportunity for Growth and Development

Every small or large company searches for growth and makes efforts for it. For the small-sized business growth is often difficult, but with the high expenditure and with more effort, you can quickly enhance and expand your business.

If you connect with the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company, You get an option to choose and control a wide area under a monopoly basis and special advantages by the Pharma Company.

●    Business Liberty

Here you are the business owner in this case. You can run the business according your  needs. All the efforts you make will be gratifying for you. There are no such strict rules for sales figures. The company may give you a road map or suggest you the monthly sales volume to get various discounts and benefits which you have to achieve only on a monthly basis.

●    Free To Expand Your Business

This is the biggest benefit of Ayurvedic pcd franchise business is you can expand your business without any limitations and boundaries. You are never restricted or limited with any set of instructions made by others as you are your own boss.

With less investment and to sustain regular capital, the cost of production for medicine, less marketing cost, less selling cost, and most importantly with inventory ideas you can achieve a high growth in your business.

●    Greater Earnings and Profits

Ayurvedic PCD Franchise at Solace Biotech Limited offers a great investment planning and this business does not need  management cost or marketing cost. If you make the decision sensibly, while selecting the right product for your company, you will save on many costs. The good return on expenditure converts into profits within less time by selling 100% result oriented ayurvedic products.


So we can say that the Ayurvedic PCD franchise business is energetic, demanding, and thrilling but at the same time, it is quite satisfying and can give you high returns on your investment if you choose genuine company products to promote in your market. The products which are of Attractive, unique packaging and within weeks result giving.

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How to increase platelet count?: Malaria and Dengue concurrent infection

how to increase platelet count

How to increase platelet count?: Malaria and Dengue concurrent infection

How to Increase Platelet Count?: Malaria and Dengue concurrent infection

How to increase platelet count impacted due to Malaria and Dengue infection? is the question everyone is asking and looking to the solutions for the same. There are several sweltering mosquito borne infections. Malaria and dengue are the two common infections caused by mosquitoes which causes distress and mortality for many patients around the world. Concurrent malaria and dengue infection is an important factor that are rarely reported.

Mosquitoes are considered to be an important animal vector that can cause zoonotic diseases to human beings. Mosquito-borne infectious disease is accepted as important sultry infections and is the concentrated topic in tropical medicine. There are many tropical mosquito borne infections.

Generally, Malaria is a protozoan and the pathogen is one of the five human pathogenic species  of plasmodium. The mosquito vector here is Anopheles. In contrast, dengue is a viral infection. The virus here is dengue virus. The major mosquito vector is Aedes. Both the two diseases can cause acute febrile illness.

However, malaria is a long term disease while dengue is not a chronic disease. The 3 groups of dengue, atypical lymphocytosis, hemoconcentration and thrombocytopenia may be a hint for differential diagnosis of dengue infection from other tropical infections including malaria.

There is no doubt that in a tropical country, the high presence of malaria and dengue can be seen. Although, malaria and dengue infection is not common. Concurrent malaria and dengue infection is a framework in which both malaria and dengue exist in a patient at the same time.

How to prevent yourself from Dengue and Malaria Fever?

While the Aedes mosquito (also referred to as ‘daytime feeder’) that is responsible for dengue fever is reported to be more active during the day, the Anopheles mosquito that causes malaria is reported to be active chiefly at night. Therefore, the most vital measure that you can take against these diseases is you can try to avoid mosquito bites during the day and at night. Other preventive measures include:

  • Keep your body parts covered with long-sleeve shirts and full pants, especially in evening times. Wear light coloured cloth.
  • Apply mosquito repellent to avoid dengue infection from mosquito bites.
  • Apply fabric-friendly mosquito repellents.
  • Make sure to close your home or office doors and windows to avoid the entering of mosquitoes. Fix mesh on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out.
  • Do not keep stagnant water in and around your home like in a cooler or pots.
  • Avoid going to places with stagnant water, especially during morning and evening to prevent dengue fever.
  • Keep your surroundings free from garbage.

Are Malaria and Dengue the Same?

Malaria is caused by Plasmodium that is transfer through the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito. Typically, the incubation time is 10-15 days after the mosquito bite. Symptoms are: Malaria fever keeps occurring in shorter duration and goes with other symptoms like joint pain, vomiting, sweating, anemia, etc.

Malaria is detected through microscopic visuals of the virus. Dengue, on the other hand, is also passed on by a mosquito bite – the Aedes mosquito. These mosquitoes transfer the disease by biting and spreading the blood of people infected by the Dengue virus, usually in the early morning or at evening time.

And its Incubation time is 4-5 days after getting infected. Symptoms are: Dengue fever strikes the patients suddenly and remains for a long time. It is usually accompanied by a severe headache and bone pain. Dengue can be thoroughly assessed through a chemical process. Antigen-Antibody tests are meant for diagnosing dengue.

Nature of malaria and dengue infection

There are many published journals on malaria and dengue infection. Reports are from some countries only. Beside this, some portions with high presence of both malaria and dengue like countries in Southeast Asia have never reported any cases of concurrent malaria and dengue infection.

As stated by the report by Carme et al in French Guiana, the determined rate of malaria and dengue infection from altogether febrile patients was equal to 0.99%. Based on this statement, it can assume that there is a high probability of concurrent infection in this setting.

Focusing on the clinical presentations, the common demonstration of malaria and dengue infection include high fever and myalgia. The main Characteristics of concurrent malaria and dengue infections are shown in table.

There is no specific report on the moderation of the nature of prevalence and mortality in co-infection. No report is on the increased severeness of disease compared to each infection. Additionally, there is no direction for any particular required treatment for co-infection.

The combination of separated therapeutic protocols for each infection at the same time can be successful. Concentrating on the species of malaria, any species of malaria can coinduct with dengue.

How Does Treatment for Dengue and Malaria Differ?

As we all know Anopheles mosquito causes malaria. However, Dengue is caused by the Aedes mosquito. Also, dengue are mosquito-borne viral infections, whereas a parasite known as Plasmodium gives rise to Malaria.

In this way, the treatment procedures for both the conditions are different.

What is not common between malaria and dengue even though both are spread by mosquitoes?

This is a most common question that is to be clarified. As noted, malaria and dengue are both common infections in tropical countries. However, the infection is not often reported. The explanations for this include:

  1. Each infection has a specific mosquito vector or bacterium. Although, the mosquito vector for each infection has a different environment. Malaria mosquito vector has the main habitat in the forest while dengue mosquito vector mainly exists in the city. Hence, overlapping of the habitat cannot be easily accessible.
  2. The immunity to each infection in the domestic area is probable. Hence, this immune function might prevent infection.
  3. Co-infection happens by chance. This means each infection has its particular chance of infection. Simply, this can be explained as the prevalent rate (chance of current infection) of each infection in each setting. Based on mathematical probability principle, the prevalent rate (chance of current infection) is the result from multiplication of the specific rate of malaria by the specific rate of dengue. Hence, the significantly lower concurrent rate can be expected.
  4. Additionally, when one has acute febrile illness, some might not visit the physician and self control and turning into recovery (in dengue) or carrier status (in malaria) can be anticipated in some cases.
  5. Finally, the infection can be easily unremembered. When a disease can be diagnosed in acute febrile illness, the apprehension of the existence of other infections is usually not taken. Although there is no additional seriousness due to concurrent infection the under-diagnosis of one infection means the complete result in treatment for the concurrent infection cannot be obtained.

What are the Causes of low platelets count during Dengue and Malaria?

Blood platelets count are the vital component in the human body known as Thrombocytes that helps in the process of Hemostasis that helps in hindering the blood when blood vessels are ruptured. Platelets grow naturally by taking proper diet in our food. In a study it is found that in a human body 1 µL of blood contains 1,50,000 to 4,50,000 platelets.

Sometimes if the platelet count is slightly low, that does not suggest a disease. If a person has more than 450,000 blood platelets then the condition is known as thrombocytosis. And if having less than 1,50,000 blood platelets then the condition is known as thrombocytopenia. If the platelet count is less while the patient is suffering from dengue, it can be dangerous.

When an infected mosquito bites a person, the dengue virus enters the blood vessels, sticks to platelets and replicates leading to multiplication of infectious virus. The contaminated platelet cells tend to demolish normal platelets which is one of the major causes for the drop in the platelet count in dengue fever.

Platelet irregularities in malaria are both qualitative and quantitative change. In one of the studies it is found that platelet counts were consistently reduced in malaria-infected people. Thrombocytopenia takes place in 84.9% of malaria-infected patients.

Which medicine is best for low platelet count?

Virus causes dengue fever, this is the reason there are no specific antibiotics to treat dengue fever or to increase the platelet count. Antiviral medications are also not designated for dengue fever. For typical dengue, the treatment is implicated with the relief of the symptoms and signs. Home remedies such as rest and fluid intake (oral rehydration) are important.

Only take pain relievers such as aspirins and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) under a doctor’s supervision because of the possibility of worsening bleeding complications. Patients hospitalized for dengue may receive IV fluids.

In several clinical studies, it is seen that Dengue can damage your bone marrow, the platelet-producing centre of the body. The dengue virus can affect your blood cells and damage your platelets. Dengue can generate antibodies that destroy platelets. One ways to cure ourselves from these deadly virus is to keep our immunity as strong as possible, this will result in maintaining the platelet counts in your body. Further to increase platelet count in the body the SOLACE BIOTECH LIMITED provides you with products like Replato and Rombo that are beneficial for maintaining blood platelet level. Details are as follows.

About Replato:

Medicine to increase platelet count

Replato is a Potent formulation to increase platelet count & and reverse the thrombocytopenia.The formulation also acts as a  platelet booster, platelet stabilizer, Immunomodulator. It is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine that contains :

(i) PAPAYA LEAF (Carica Papaya): May increase megakaryocytic production & boosts platelets.

(ii) GILOY/GUDUCHI (Tinospora Cordifolia): Contains strong antipyretic, antiviral & hepatoprotective properties.

(iii)  GOAT MILK (Ajadugdha): May boost metabolism and improve immunity.

(iv) PUNARNAVA (Boerhaavia diffusa): Can reduce fatigue and normalize energy levels.

(v) NEEM (Azadirachta indica): Helps to enhance the immunological functions.

(iv) TULSI ( Ocimum sanctum): Contains anti-viral properties to combat dengue fever.

About Rombo:

Best Medicine to boost Platelet Count

Rombo is another Potent formulation to increase platelet count & and reverse the thrombocytopenia.The formulation also acts as a  platelet booster, platelet stabilizer, Immunomodulator. It is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine that contains :

(i) PAPAYA LEAF (Carica Papaya): May increase megakaryocytic production & boosts platelets.

(ii) GILOY/GUDUCHI (Tinospora Cordifolia): Contains strong antipyretic, antiviral & hepatoprotective properties.

(iii)  GOAT MILK (Ajadugdha): May boost metabolism and improve immunity.

(iv) PUNARNAVA (Boerhaavia diffusa): Can reduce fatigue and normalize energy levels.

(v) NEEM (Azadirachta indica): Helps to enhance the immunological functions.

(iv) TULSI ( Ocimum sanctum): Contains anti-viral properties to combat dengue fever.

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Ayurvedic Liver Tonic | Liver Syrup Uses 

PCD Pharma Franchise Business Concept


Ayurvedic Liver Tonic | Liver Tonic Syrup Uses

Ayurvedic Liver Tonic | Liver Syrup Uses

Ayurvedic Liver Tonic | Liver Syrup Uses

Now days there are many ayurvedic liver tonics  that are promoted by many different companies. The reason is, our liver is considered as one of the most important organ in our body. When the liver is diseased, our eyesight fails. It is not visible, but is affecting us. The major job our liver performs in the functioning of our body is filtering and cleansing of the blood. For the best functioning of the liver.

One asked….Is our life worth living…..??
A doctor said, that it just depends upon the liver….

It however proves that it has never been more important for all of us to look after this hard-working organ. If your liver becomes overloaded and is not functioning at an optimal level, you are more likely to develop a wide range of health problems. Ayurvedic liver tonic is recommended by most of the doctors for detoxifying the liver and for a controlled balanced diet.

Some of the best liver tonic in Ayurveda that helps to cure all liver related problems are :

    Ayurvedic Liver tonic-smiliv
    Ayurvedic liver tonic-Adaliv
    Ayurvedic liver syrup-holiver

It  aids in improving the metabolism of the body and works as a mild laxative which helps in controlling the major liver diseases . It is available as a sugar free variant with ayurveda components such as Bhringraj, Punarnava, Makoya, Bhui amla, Kalmegh, Arjun which promotes it as an effective ayurvedic liver tonic.

This proprietary ayurvedic liver tonic is also available with double strength ayurveda components which is more useful for alcoholic liver diseases, for liver damages due to radiation therapy & chemotherapy, liver disorders including fatty acid associated with protein energy malnutrition and jaundice like health issues.


There are many diseases which can occur due to the carelessness of the smaller health problems which occurs with the improper food, excessive alcohol consumption and many more. Following are the different types of Liver diseases that people suffer from because of their carelessness :

  1. Hepatitis : Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. When liver is inflamed or damaged, its functions gets affected. So with the consumption of ayurvedic liver tonic, the liver gets its nutrients.
  2. Liver Cancer : Excessive Nausea and vomiting are the foremost symptoms of liver cancer that requires severe attention where medicinal liver tonic syrups can be very beneficial.
  3. Gallstones : . Gallstones are the hardened deposits of bile, a digestive fluid produced by liver and stored in gallbladder.
  4. Hemochromatosis : Hemochromatosisis a condition in which the excessive iron is stored in our body. It is caused byone of the faulty gene that can be passed on to a child by their parents. It can slow or damage the organs of our body. Ayurvedic liver tonic can be one of the best remedy in that condition.

Liver Syrup Uses:

Liver is the vital organ of our body that is not only designed to clean your blood, it is the most important energy factor of our body.

So, isn’t it important to know why ayurvedic liver tonic is important for our health??

Yes, of course it is….

Let us know about some of the important liver syrup uses :

  1. For Liver Detoxification : Ayurveda liver tonic is very beneficial for liver disorders and detoxification. It is same as the medicinal removal of the toxic substances from our body.
  2. Improves Liver Functions & Digestion : Digestion is the breakdown off the large insoluble food molecules into smaller water soluble molecules where ayurveda liver syrup is an important component.
  3. Helps in Liver Problems : Liver tonic is the excellent remedy for the liver problems like fatty liver problem, jaundice, etc
  4. Regulates a Healthy Cholesterol Range : It regulates the cholesterol in our body which is a waxy substance that is found in our blood and increases the risk of heart diseases.
  5. Useful against Abdominal pain & Swelling : Ayurveda liver syrup is very useful in abdominal pain & swelling in the nerves causing heavy pain.
  6. Works like an Ant-Acid : . It improves the activity of enzymes for better appetite and is beneficial for anyone having liver problems, poor digestion and low appetite.

Smiliv liver syrup is the perfect blend of ayurveda ingredients with  properties that fight against chemically-induced toxic liver disease called hepatotoxicity. Ayurveda liver tonic is an effective tonic for men, women as well as children.

Usually the medicinal experts advice the dosage of the ayurveda liver syrup for 60-90 days.

For Children: ½-1 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily

For Adults: 1 ½ – 2 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily

Liver problems are more common with the Diabetic Patients which serves our liver syrup as a cherry on the cake as Smiliv Liver Syrup, Advaliv Liver Syrup and Holiver Liver Syrup has no added sugars in it, which makes it a perfect fit for Diabetic Patients.

Thus, it is recommended as a co-therapy for those individuals who are heavy alcohol drinkers, have high cholesterol, constipation, usually feels fatigue or any other liver related problems.

Moreover, ayurveda liver tonic can be consumed by everyone as a general liver health supplement for the smooth functioning of the liver as it has no side effects because of its ayurveda contents.

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