Itraconazole Capsules 200 mg

Itraconazole Capsules 200 mg | Best Brand Names

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Itraconazole Capsules 200 mg

Itraconazole capsules 200 mg, sometimes shortened as ITZ, is an antifungal medication used to treat many types of fungal infections. This includes infections in any part of the body including the lungs, mouth or throat, toenails, or fingernails. It may be given by two source mouth or by intravenous.

Itraconazole capsules 200 mg uses

Itraconazole 200mg has a wider spectrum of action than fluconazole (but not as wide as voriconazole or posaconazole). In general, it functions against Aspergillus, where fluconazole is not working. It is also authorized for use in blastomycosis, sporotrichosis, histoplasmosis, and onychomycosis.

Itraconazole is over 99% bounded by protein and has virtually no perforation into cerebrospinal fluid. As a result, it is not recommended to treat meningitis or other central nervous system infections. According to the Johns Hopkins Abx Guide, it has “negligible CSF penetration, but still treatment has been successful for cryptococcal and coccidioidal meningitis”.

It is also advised for systemic infections, such as aspergillosis, candidiasis, and cryptococcosis, wherever other antifungal drugs are unsuitable or ineffective.

In the last some decades, itraconazole has been surveyed as an anticancer agent for tolerants with basal cell carcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and prostate cancer. For example, in a phase II study, there was a  man with advanced prostate cancer, high-dose itraconazole (600 mg/day) was connected with significant PSA responses and a retard in tumor progression.

Itraconazole also appear in activity in a phase II testing in men with non-small cell lung cancer when it was merged with the chemotherapy agent, pemetrexed. A recent review has also highlighted its use topically and orally in occurrence with other chemotherapeutic agents for advanced and metastatic basal cell carcinomas that cannot be cured surgically.

Other uses:

Some doctors may also sometimes prescribes Itraconazole 200mg to treat other types of fungal infections and to prevent fungal infections in people who have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Ask to your doctor about the available ways of using this drug for your condition.

How Should I take Itraconazole 200mg Capsules ?

Follow all directions available on your medicine prescription label and read all medication guides or instruction sheets. Use the medicine exactly as directed by the physician.

The itraconazole capsule is not to be taken with food. Swallow the whole capsule at once and do not crush, chew, break, or open it.

Take itraconazole oral solution (liquid) on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour prior or after 2 hours of a meal.  Wheeze the liquid present in your mouth for several seconds before swallowing it.

Itraconazole 200mg capsules cannot be used in place of itraconazole oral solution (liquid) if that is what your physician has prescribed. Avoid medication delusion by using only the form and power what your doctor prescribes.

Use this medicine for the full recommended dose of time, even if your indications improve quickly. Leaving doses can increase your risk of contamination by being resistant to medication. Itraconazole will not be proven to treat a viral infection such as the flu or a common cold.

You may need frequent medical checkups.

Side Effects of Using Itraconazole:

Itraconazole is a moderately well-tolerated medication (although not as well tolerated as fluconazole or voriconazole). Usually the side effects of  ITRACONAZOLE CAPSULES includes:

  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea,:
  • constipation,
  • bloating,
  • gas,
  • headache,
  • dizziness,
  • stomach upset,
  • unpleasant taste in your mouth,
  • itching ,
  • skin rash,
  • joint pain,
  • muscle pain or weakness, or
  • runny nose or other cold symptoms.

Precautions that has to be taken while using Itraconazole Capsules:

Do not suggest anyone else the same medication even if they have the same symptoms like yours. If you have any questions regarding your medicine (prescription related problems) then please ask your pharmacist. If you still have symptoms of infection after you finish the itraconazole, fix your appointment to your doctor and ask them for providing better treatment.

Tell your doctor if you are taking an antacid, take it 1 hour before or 2 hours after you take itraconazole.

Itraconazole may make you feel dizzy or cause blurred or double vision. Do not drive a car or operate machinery until you know how this medicine acts on your body.

It is important for every individual to keep written notes of all the prescription or medicine that is prescribed by doctors. Or if you are suffering from any other diseases like cystic fibrosis (an inborn disease that causes problems with breathing, digestion, and reproduction), any condition that decreases the amount of acid in your stomach,

or HIV, then you have to tell your doctor about your continued medicines. You should bring that list with you every time you visit a doctor or pharmacist. It is also important information to keep with you in case of emergencies.

Which is the Best Brand for Itraconazole 200 mg Capsules?

You can 100% trust on the manufacturing practices of Solace Biotech Limited when you are searching for best brands for Itraconazole 200mg. The composition is being launched in 3 brand names under various divisions as mentioned below.

“CANDIPORE” Listed under General Division “SOLACE BIOTECH LIMITED”

itraconazole Capsules 200 mgItraconazola Capsules 100 mg


“CONTRAPORE” Listed under General Division “SOLTECH LIFE

Itraconazole Capsules 200 mg Itraconazole 100mg capsules


NAZOTRA” Listed under Derma Division “EOS DERMA

Itraconazole 200mgItraconazole 100mg


These are the most running and result giving brands used in the treatment of various fungal or yeast infections. Itraconazole primarily used in the treatment of fungal infection of toes, nails, skin, esophaghus and mouth .

These brands are manufactured & marketed by Solace Biotech Limited which comes under their division various divisions mentioned above located in Ambala Cantt, Haryana. Solace Biotech Limited is an award winning company and started its journey in year 2000 having an aim of total dedication to quality.

SBL is an innovative-driven top pharma healthcare company developing a rapidly growing portfolio of best in class pharmaceutical products and provides Pcd Pharma Franchise Business opportunities as Propaganda Pharma Companies. The company is focused on developing new products and new ways to help people manage better health conditions and enjoy more active and more fulfilling life.

Nazotra is Available online at 1mg portal for end consumers.

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