Best Hand Sanitizer Brand in India

Best Hand Sanitizer Brands in India-“Zermero” | Hand Sanitizer Distributorship

Best Hand Sanitizer Brands in India-“Zermero”

Among the best hand sanitizer brands in India, everybody is searching for the best hand sanitizer which can protect their family from germs. Hand Sanitizer are among those products in which have taken a tremendous jump in pharma industry in last few months.

Now a days it has been seen that the health problems like certain infections, viruses are increasing regularly. So, people are becoming more concerned about their health and want some permanent solution for that.

So, they opt for some solutions that are more reliable and effective like sanitizers.  Though, hand sanitizers is a very small part of the personal hygiene but is must have product these days.

It has been seen that demand of hand sanitizers is increasing all over the world with the awareness of COVID 19.

COVID 19, Corona Virus

COVID 19, corona virus disease is impacting the human lives all over the world. So many people are taking preventions to avoid corona virus disease by using best hand sanitizer with alcohol and taking preventive actions.

As prevention is always better than cure so by using masks, best hand sanitizers and taking care of oneself a person can be safe from the virus.

There are many best hand sanitizer manufacturers in India that have contributed to complete the increasing demand of best hand sanitizers for corona virus in all the countries.

Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer:

Among all PCD pharma franchise company like Solace Biotech Limited has gained tremendous popularity for supplying their pure and effective Ayurveda hand sanitizers by the name of “Zermero” all over the India. We have a complete range of Hand Sanitizers in Liquid and Gel based. The product “Zermero” consists of 80% alcohol with a beautiful patent fragrance carrying ingredients best for the skin.

50ml Best hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Mist Spray 100ml

Best Hand Sanitizer 100ml in India“Zermero”- 100ML/200ML FLIPTOP

Hand Sanitizer Mist Spray 200ml

Hand Sanitizer Mist Spray 500ml


Best Alcohol based hand sanitizer


Hand Sanitizer 5 Ltr

5Ltr Pack in HDPE Jar, Metallic Labels

Hand sanitizers play a very important role when it comes to maintain proper hygiene as an antiseptic solution. It is a of liquid form which helps to get rid of number of infections and health issues.

Solace Biotech Limited is manufacturing ayurveda hand sanitizer which provides more benefits and protects the hands against any infections naturally. And in this aspect, we at Solace Biotech Limited is the top hand sanitizer manufacturers in India.

Our ayurvedic hand sanitizer Zermero is made up with the blend of organic herbs like tea tree oil and alovera that helps to provide natural care to the hands.

We are into ayurvedic hand sanitizer instead of allopathic as chemical hand sanitizers may harm your skin harshly whereas organic and ayurveda hand sanitizers will help you to keep the hands soft and smooth.

Due to these ayurvedic properties this is the best hand sanitizers for kids also.


As our hands get in contact with several objects in our environment so it becomes important to sanitize them properly which helps us to get rid of infections and lead us to a healthy life.

Hand sanitizers not only protect a person against germs and infections or but also provide deep nourishment and moisture to the hands which makes the hands smooth.

Below mentioned are some more benefits of using the hand sanitizers:

  • Zermero hand sanitizer will helps an individual to clean their hands      more effectively which will stop the bacteria to spread the virus.

According to a study out of 5 every 2 individuals do not wash their hands properly and who do they use soaps which is already infected by other virus as used by many people.

  • Zermero and sanitizer helps in maintaining good hygiene and health also it saves time of washing the hands several times and reduce additional mess by using soaps, water and the tissue rolls.
  • Hand sanitizers are convenient and easily be carried. A person can carry along with him to take extra care. Many schools and universities are now a day’s encouraging the use of hand sanitizers to reduce absenteeism.
  • Hand sanitizers usually keep your hand soft and smooth and not lets it dry for a long time.
  • Zermero hand sanitizer is manufactured with latest technology and machines with all GMP and WHO guidelines.

It is important to use hand sanitizer properly to ensure that it does the job that it is meant to do, that is to get rid of germs before they are able to spread through your hands to your body.

In the current scenario where corona virus is affecting human lives so taking the preventive actions by using best hand sanitizer brands in India is the best possible action you can take.

If you are attending any group meeting or going out to theaters or any such place where a lot of people are involved then you can use hand sanitizer before having snacks.

The ayurveda hand sanitizer Zermero act as a safeguard and provides a shield which protects you from viral fever, cough and from any other infection.


We manufacture this hand sanitizer in our own state of art manufacturing unit which is WHO standard keeping in mind all the required quality parameters and without doing any compromise with the product’s quality. We are giving Hand Sanitizer business Opportunity to those who is having good network of prospects & customers and can spread the brand to a large extent in their territory. All those who are interested for hand sanitizer distributorship can contact us or submit their query to us though inquiry form available or feel free to call/whatsapp at 9355955555 / 9215002777.


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