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Start with General Franchise Concept:First of all let’s understand general franchise concept which is some how different from PCD pharma franchise company concept.

Have you ever imagined how some companies become global and established a brand? On the other hand, there are many companies struggling to be known in their own district or state, despite being set up much earlier before the competition started.

What is the secret of becoming a new company a brand within a few years and what exactly do they do? Well, it is no more any secret because now the key has been revealed. Key, yes there is key to be successful and become a big brand.

The key is a PCD Pharma franchise company concept. In the pharma franchise, the owner of the company allows the other people to run his business legally. Now, one single person or group of people cannot operate the business in every state or country so the company owner distributes the partnership among the partners.

Under this partnership, the owner of the company who is called ‘master franchiser’ invite queries from everywhere and offer them to be the ‘franchise partner of his company.

The people who willing to be the partner, join hands with the company owner and take the pharma franchise. In this process, the master franchisee takes a standard fee and allows its franchise partner to run his business and use his company’s brand name, signage, seal, logo, product, services, etc.

This is done through a legal contract which is called ‘franchise agreement’ or ‘franchise contract’. This way the owner of the company distribute the franchise of his company and spread business. This is a legal and legitimate business. All the brands you see around you are actually franchise partners of the company.

Pharma Franchise Company Business in Pharmaceuticals

This franchise business concept has been adopted in almost every sector & industry viz. The retail sector, Food & Beverages, Restaurant & Hotels, Aviation, Sports and even the Pharmaceutical sector.

In the Pharma sector, this concept came in the late 90’s but spread and accepted very fast. The concept is same, the owner of a Pharma company invites the queries offline and online to buy their franchise and start a pcd pharma franchise Company business. The interested people become the franchise partners and run their own business in the name of the Pharma Company.

Monopoly Based Pharma Franchise Company

This is a bit new thing introduced in the Pharma business. The Pharma Company distributes its franchise on PCD and monopoly basis. PCD here stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution, which simply means the franchise partner has the right to propagate and distribute the Pharma products without taking permission every time from the Pharma Company.

Here, monopoly is the right given to the franchise partner. It is kind of restraint for the Pharma company and willing franchise buyers. A Pharma franchise company can only give one franchise in a territory (area) and only one division.

Let’s understand it better. Like there is a Pharma company having multiple specialized divisions viz. General, Diabetic, Cardiac, Children, Pediatrics, Dental Care, Skin Care etc. So, the pharma company can give only one specialized division out of multiple divisions and that too in one territory.

And the person who gets the franchise of that specialized division has the full right to sale, distribute and market the company’s products without any interference from the company. It’s like one lion in one territory.

Franchise from Solace Biotech Limited

Solace Biotech Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Pharmaceutical Company established in the year 1999. It deals in manufacturing, distribution, supply and marketing of Pharma health care drugs. Solace Biotech is located in Ambala, Haryana.

The company has 11 product divisions and having business in PAN India. Besides, offering quality based products, Solace also offers third-party manufacturing services and PCD monopoly based Pharma franchise to the interested buyers.

Why Choose us as PCD Pharma Franchise Company?

Solace Biotech Limited offers Pharma franchise opportunities on monopoly basis to the professionals and new people in Pharma sector and wish to start their own Pharma Company with a small number of products in their area.

It has an exhaustive range of more than 500 products so one can never be short of product and marketing opportunities. Solace Biotech Limited has solo motto to provide the quality based products within the affordable price range to the customer so that everybody can be benefited.

It is one of the most promising and faster-growing companies in India.

Given below is the List of Promotional items that a new Franchise partner gets with Solace Biotech Limited

  • Exclusive division wise product glossary
  • Product reminder cards
  • Sample catch cover
  • Physician samples (if Available)
  • Reminder cards
  • Visual aids
  • Order book
  • MR bag

Apart from this the franchise associate will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Excellent packing and presentation of products with the latest printing technology
  • A number of other promotional items
  • Experienced professionals to serve you better
  • Exclusive monthly schemes
  • We regularly introduce new product combinations to be competitive in the market
  • Complete product range categorized in divisions

Solace Biotech Limited uses highest quality Active Pharma Ingredients (API) and our products are GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice).

We pay great attention to the packaging of the product as it is the first thing that a person notices while buying. To maximize the value and visibility we use superior graphic and structural design making the product stand out of the shelf innovative.

We use the best quality ITC Sapphire Duplex paper. We manufacture and offer the highest quality product with exclusive branding. We are focused to be the most innovative, vivid, and successful PCD Pharma franchise company in the healthcare sector.

Customer and clients’ satisfaction matter a lot for us. We take the utmost care of our customers and make our relationship very strong.

If you have any question, query please contact us.

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Why PCD Pharma Franchise Company is Better than Marketing Jobs?


pcd pharma franchise company

Why PCD Pharma Franchise Company is Better than Marketing Jobs?

PCD Pharma Franchise Company

Starting own Pharma pcd franchise company is one of the finest opportunities where a person gets complete independence and it is much better than doing any other business and finding a marketing job. There are many big and successful business around the world which got a universal acceptance, the pcd franchise company is the key to the success of these businesses. Like other sectors, the franchise model also got immense success in the pharmaceutical sector, too. The best part of doing pharma franchise business is that you can opt to work with full monopoly rights from the list of available work areas.

Before getting in comparison, let’s find out the basics of the franchise business and the PCD Pharma franchise business.


What is a franchise business?

The franchise is a business model in which the owner of a company makes a legal agreement with an individual and permits him to use his brand name, trademark, product or services. In return, the individual pays a fixed about of fee in form of royalty to the franchisor. Franchise business gives multi-folds growth to a company. It’s like creating clones of one’s business and spreading it in various parts of the country and even across the country.


Franchisor/Master Franchise/Franchising company: The company that provides franchise business opportunities is called by these names.

Franchise Partner/Franchisee: The individual who runs the franchise business are called by these names.


Franchise in Pharma business

The Pharma sector welcomed the franchise business model and largely getting benefit from it. Now, almost every other Pharma company is in the franchise business and distributing its franchise. PCD Pharma companies offering their franchise and multiplying their business. The secret of mega-success of Pharma business is that in this business both parties benefit. The Pharma company gets expansion and the franchise partner gets an established business to operate.


Let’s discuss why the PCD Pharma franchise business is better than Marketing Job?

The basic difference:

The basic difference is whether you do a marketing job or any other high-paying job you always remain an employee but in business, you become the owner of your business from the first day of establishing the company.

Limited growth:

In the marketing job, your growth and income are limited and in case of pharma pcd company in India, there is no particular limit. You can earn and grow as much as you want.

Financial stability:

No marketing job guarantees financial security and independence, wherein the Pharma franchise business you get complete financial security. It means you don’t rely on a particular salary after the month-end here you generate income from the very first day.

Treadmill Running and Running on the ground:

Marketing job or any other job is like running on the same treadmill daily, it doesn’t matter how fast you run you reach actually nowhere. Doing business is like running on physical ground where you cover some distance daily.

Personal growth:

If you are doing marketing job then there is no personal growth, you only contribute to the company whereas in Pharma business your personal growth starts from the day you start your business.


While doing pharma marketing job, you must meet the pre-determined sales target, whereas in the Pharma franchise business there is no pressure to achieve a sales target. You can increase your profit margins up to any extent by working with the complete range of Pharma Products.

Choose office location:

If you are in a marketing job, you have no choice of choosing your desired office location and in the Pharma franchise business you can choose your office location.

No absolute freedom of taking a decision: 

In a marketing job, you have limited access to present and take your decision and in the Pharma franchise; you are the owner of the business; You have the sole authority to take every decision related to your business.


Starting your own pcd Pharma franchise business in India is always a wise choice rather than finding a marketing job. Marketing job binds you, your work according to your boss and company and in the pcd franchise, you are the owner of your business. A marketing job is a salary based, and a commission-based job, whereas in Pharma business you get income from your customers. Any job whether it is a marketing job or other kind of job, an individual gets limited growth whereas in the business sky is the limit. So, it is highly advisable to start your own Pharma franchise company than finding or doing a marketing job in the Pharma sector or any other field.

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