Drug License in Pharma

Drug License for Pharma Company

Drug License for Pharma Company

A Drug license for pharma company is an important document that is required to start the PCD Pharma Franchise Company. All the issue related to drug license starting from the application to the  final procedure of the drug license, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization and the State Drugs Standard Control Organization is responsible.

Generally, the drug department issues two types of  Drug License that is:

Retail Drug License :

Retail drug license is generally issued to an individual who runs a chemist shop.

Wholesale Drug License :

Wholesale drug license  is issued to an individual who wants to sell drugs on a wholesale level such as through PCD pharma franchise.

In some of the states, the retail drug license is only issued to that person who have done Diploma, Bachelor of Pharmacy or Masters of Pharmacy and have the degree from the recognized university for that particular course.


Different types of pharma franchise business requires different types of Drug License based on the requirement an applicant is issued a specific drug license. There are various licenses that are issued by Drug Standard Control Organization. Some of them are explained below:

Manufacturing Drug License :

The manufacturing drug license is required for of Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Cosmetics drug manufacturing and also other drugs under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. The respective State Government of the particular state grants this license to the applicant.

Loan Drug License in India :

The loan drug license is issued to those who do not have their own land for manufacturing their drugs but want to manufacture the products and services by their brand name on land of those for which the license has been taken.

Import Drug License :

The import drug license is issued to the person who are engaging in the distribution of imported drugs or using the imported raw materials for manufacturing the pharmaceutical products.

Sale Drug License in India :

The sales drug license in India is issued to wholesalers and retailers who are engaging in the distribution of pharmaceutical drugs in India.

Different types of Drug License for sales in India :

Retail Drug License :

Retail Drug License in India is issued by Drug Licensing Authority to the retailers who are doing business in pharmaceuticals industry. The individual should be a registered pharmacist under State Pharmacy Council.

The sale of the drugs by retailer must be made in the presence of registered pharmacist which is approved by the department. The  Registered pharmacist is required at the retail counter throughout the working hours.

Wholesale Drug License :

Wholesale Drug License in India is issued by Central Drugs Standard Control Organization to those wholesalers who are doing wholesale business or pharma franchise business in pharmaceuticals.

The sale of the drugs by wholesaler shall be made either in the presence of registered pharmacist on whose name Drug License is or in the presence of a competent person who shall be a graduate with 1 year experience or a person who has passed 4 years experience in dealing in drugs in a pharmaceutical company.

Therefore, in India it is quite challenging to acquire or to register for Drug License. So many pharma professionals often found a better idea to hire professionals providing assistance in obtaining Drug License in India for manufacturing, wholesale or retail pharma counters.


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start Pharmaceutical Marketing Company

How to Start Pharmaceutical Marketing Company?

How to open  a Pharma company??

The process to Start Pharmaceutical marketing company is not as complex as people usually thinks. You just need pharma knowledge and the documents to start a pharma  franchise company.

The first step is Pharma marketing company registration and after that you apply for Drug License number. In short the basic documents you would required is Drug License Number and GST Number. After getting these documents you can start your own pharma franchise company.

You would be proud to know that the Indian pharmaceutical market is the third largest in terms of volume per year as per a report by Equity Master, a leading equity research initiative. India leads to 20% total volume in the generic market which is a huge amount.

In franchise business pharma marketing is a very broad term in terms of wide range of products that are spread worldwide.  how to start Pharmaceutical Marketing Company? the first and foremost important step for every pharma professional is to decide which segment you want to cover such as generic medicines, Over The Counter (OTC) products, Ethical marketing etc.

To start a pharma marketing company the basic question that comes to the individual’s mind is given below:


  1. Market Research : Before starting any business it is important to study the current market which includes the best location, products, know your customers and market. It is easy to start and gain profits in a pharma franchise company when we have done a proper market research.
  2. Hard Hitting Business Plan: A business plan not only helps us to start a pharma business but will provide a roadmap on which it will be easier to chalk the plans. It includes various decisions about location, customers, product line, competitors etc.
  3. Regulations and Registration: Getting your pharma franchise company registered includes a lot of things to do. You require registration from Drug Department which ensures quality standard of the organization. You also need to apply for Goods & Service Tax (GST) for the same.
  4. Marketing and Distribution: It is necessary to market your products effectively whether it is to the chemists, doctors or to the end customer.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: There is no business that can flourish without its customers. So a proper marketing team of professionals should be there who can especially work on that.


  • Make a suitable business plan
  • Select a  company name and logo
  • Apply for drug license registration
  • Apply for Goods and Service Tax ( GST ) Registration
  • Finalize your premises for business
  • Arrange required funds
  • Finalize the top pharma company whose franchise you want to take
  • Decide your plan and associate with the pharma company
  • Appoint a team of individuals
  • Finalize marketing tactics and give final touch to the market

On the completion of the above points , now you have your own pharma franchise company ,your own market  and you have one plan to give wings to your dream. So, it’s the time take charge and grab the market opportunities and touch the skies of success in the pharmacy marketing company.


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